West Hills Commission

West Hills Commission serves as an advisory body to the Council and shall plan and promote and encourage the preservation of the West Hills property. This commission meets twice a year in April & October on the third Thursday at noon.  

Current Members:  Jan Tippett, Chair

                               Nancy Vaillancourt, Vice Chair

                               Carol Zetah

                                Dan Gorman

                                Arlan Burmeister

City Staff Laison: Mary Jo Knudson

City Code - West Hills Commission

Section 279 - West Hills Commission
 Section 279:00. West Hills Commission. There is hereby established a commission to be known and designated as the "West Hills Commission. It shall be composed of five (5) members appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the majority vote of the Council. Five (5) members shall be appointed and confirmed from citizens interested in the preservation of the West Hills. Each Commissioner shall serve until a successor is duly appointed and approved. Vacancies caused by death, resignation, or otherwise shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as original appointments are made. All terms shall expire on April 30, three (3) years hence. Such appointment of members shall be made at the second regular meeting in April of each year. All members who have served for two (2) full consecutive terms shall not be eligible for reappointment. Eff. 5/2/00 
 Section 279:05. Duties. Within a reasonable time after the appointment of said Commission and the approval of the members thereof, upon call of the Mayor, said Commission shall meet and organize by the election of a chairman and secretary. The said Commission shall then provide for the adoption of rules and procedures for the holding of regular and special meetings as said Commission shall deem advisable and necessary in order to perform the duties set forth. The Commission shall serve as an advisory body to the Council and shall plan and promote and encourage the preservation of the West Hills property. It shall advise the Council both with respect to the general policies and detail administration of all matters having to do with the use of the West Hills property including by way of explanation, but not by way of limitation, determination of compatible uses, preservation measures, leases, alterations, and sign designation. 
 Section 279:10. Meetings and Reports. The Commission shall meet at least annually and, from time to time, on the call of the Mayor, its chairman, or a majority of its members, and it shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings which shall be furnished to the members of the Council as soon after each meeting of the Commission as practicable. At the end of each year it shall make and file with the Council a full report of its transactions for the preceding year.