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    If You Have an OPL Card: You already have access to all online library materials and do not need to fill out this form. If your card is not working, call 507-444-2460 or stop by the Check-Out desk. If You Are a Steele County Resident: If you live in Steele County and do not have a card, register with this form. If You Live Outside of Steele County: Nonresidents are not eligible for OPL Online Library Materials cards due to licensing restrictions imposed by vendors such as Hoopla, Freegal, Consumer Reports, & Value Line. Find Featured Databases & Downloads on our website at (scroll to middle of page) or click on "Databases & Downloads" for a full list of online library materials.

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  4. PIN Number
    Not all Online Library Materials require a PIN number. For those that do, your PIN Number is the last four (4) digits of your Primary Phone Number.
  5. Receiving Your Online Library Materials Account Number

    Library staff will process your registration and then send your online library materials account number to your email address. Please allow up to one business day for processing. Present your photo ID with proof of address to staff at the Check-Out desk to receive your physical library card. This will enable you to borrow physical library materials (books, DVDs, CDs) also.

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