How much did this cost and how was it paid for?

The project cost of $95,000 included extensive quantitative and qualitative research that was conducted from January through September 2023; creative development which included brand identity, strapline and logo development; and brand execution, strategy and implementation deliverables; the final report and presentation deliverables. This process took nearly a year to complete. The City of Owatonna provided $25,000 in its 2023 budget to support this community-wide initiative. The process of implementing the new brand and the costs associated with purchasing items that display the new brand will happen over time. Over time as existing signage, vehicles, print materials and other branded items need to be purchased or replaced, the new strategic messaging and branding will be utilized.

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1. What is a branding strategy?
2. How is a brand different from a logo?
3. What was the process for developing a community-wide brand for Owatonna?
4. Why does the city need a brand?
5. What does the icon in the new logomark represent?
6. When will I start seeing the new brand?
7. Will the new brand replace the City’s seal and coat of arms?
8. Can my business or organization use the new brand?
9. How much did this cost and how was it paid for?