When are streets plowed?

According to the City of Owatonna’s Snow and Ice Control Policies and Procedures, City crews begin snow and ice control operations when two inches of snow accumulate, when drifting snow causes problems for travelling, when icy conditions affect travel or when road conditions could deteriorate due to peak traffic volumes. Full mainline and cul-de-sac plowing operations begin at various times, depending on the start time and duration of the storm event. Routes and operations are designed to maintain access of emergency vehicles to all areas as a first priority. The plowing of high volume roadways generally occurs first, followed by residential plowing. In general, city roadways are cleared of snow within 8 to 12 hours of the end of the storm events. These guidelines are used to remove snow from streets throughout the city including in the downtown area.

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1. When are streets plowed?
2. When is snow removed from the new raised crosswalks, alleys and curb bump-outs downtown?
3. What part of sidewalks are business owners responsible for removing snow from?
4. How do I report mailbox damage?
5. Where should snow shoveled from downtown sidewalks be placed?
6. What special care needs to be taken with the fresh concrete surfaces downtown?
7. Where can questions or concerns be directed regarding snow removal?