Catch Basin Stenciling

Informing the Public

Your group can help inform the citizens in Owatonna that the catch basins (storm drains) they see on their streets are not connected to a treatment facility.


The City of Owatonna encourages storm drain making because of the excellent opportunity to educate the public by making the link between the stormwater system and our rivers, creeks, and lakes. In addition to the labeled drains, media coverage of a stenciling event can increase public awareness of stormwater issues.

Volunteer groups can provide additional benefits by removing trash and debris near the inlets and making note of infrastructure repair that is needed. You can also keep the drains from clogging, causing localized flooding, and reduce the amount of sediment (sand, silt, clay, other particles) from entering nearby waterbodies.

Small child by a sign that says No Dumping

Additional Information

Learn more about the City of Owatonna's Adopt a Catch Basin program.

If you or your organization would like to the assist the city in its efforts, contact the Stormwater Manager.