Tennis and Pickleball Fees

Court Fees 

In addition to a Membership fee and/or Guest Fee each court booking has an additional Court Fee to be paid at each reservation. This court fee will be paid by 1 person at time of reservation. 

$2.50 per 1/2 hour per court

Guest Rates 

Taxes and Court Fees not included. 

Daily Guest Pass-Daily passes are paid on a per reservation basis. Guests Pay the Daily Guest Pass fee plus the $2.50 per half our Court Fee. 

$19 per person for up to two hours 

Monthly Guest Pass -Monthly passes are a 30 guest pass for individuals. Guests Pay the Monthly Guest Pass fee plus the $2.50 per half our Court Fee. 


Guest Pass Policies 

  • Card Entry is not eligible with a Guest Pass 
  • Guests are allowed to reserve only 1 day in advance. 
  • Monthly 'Guest Pass' will be activated at time of purchase and be active for 30 days. 
  • Guest Passes are only available as an individual option 
  • Monthly Guest Pass can only be used during staffed hours or when playing with a member. 
  • Daily Guest Pass can only be used during staffed hours. 
  • Prices do not include the hourly court fees. 

Membership Rates

Taxes and Court Fees not included. 

Memberships Include:

  • Card Entry access during non staffed hours 
  • 5 day in advance court bookings 


Group 9-Month (Sept 1-May 31)  12-Month (Sept 1 - Aug 31) Guest Month 
Couple $372.75 $396.90 N/A
Family $404.25 $441 N/A
Individual $288.75 $315 $52.50
Junior $162.75 $176.40 N/A

Membership Eligibility Requirements

Family Membership

  • A household consisting of up to 2 adults (parents or legal guardians) and their dependents.
  • Family members must all live in the same household.
  • Only those individuals in the immediate family can be included on the family membership.
  • Dependents include children 22 years old and under if they are a full time student in college; otherwise, they would need to get an Individual Membership if they do not meet the Junior Membership criteria.
  • An Adult is considered someone out of high school and older (who is not a full time student in college).

Couples Membership

Any two individuals who meet the requirements of a family membership such as:

  • Brother/Sister both under 18
  • Brother/Sister with one under 18 and the other 20 while a full time student in college
  • Father/Son

Junior Membership

Must be 18 years old (or younger) and still in High School.