Facility Rules

River Springs Water Park General Facility Rules

  • Communicable disease: No person with or suspected of having a communicable disease which could be transmitted through use of the pool shall work at or use any public pool.
  • Warning: A person with any considerable area of exposed sub epidermal tissue, open blisters, or cuts must be warned that these may become infected and advised not to use the public pool.
  • Showering: Any person using a public pool must take a cleansing shower using warm water and soap and thoroughly rinse off all soap before entering the pool enclosure. A user leaving the pool to use the toilet must take a second cleansing shower before returning to the pool enclosure. A person who exercises, applies lotion, or uses a sauna or steam room must shower before using the pool.
  • No Spitting: Spitting, spouting water from the mouth and blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited.
  • No running: No running or boisterous or rough play, except supervised water sports, is permitted in the pool, in dressing rooms or shower rooms, on runways, on the diving board, or platform.
  • Glassware: Glassware and similar material with a tendency to shatter on impact are not allowed in the pool enclosure area.
  • Diving: Diving is not permitted anywhere in the Water Park except from the North wall side of the Activity Pool (you must dive away from the climbing wall).
  • No Pets: Domestic animals are not permitted in the pool enclosure, showers, or dressing rooms.
  • Guests must change diapers in the locker rooms, not on the deck.
  • No swinging or hanging on the ladders, nets and ropes.
  • Guests are not allowed to bring outside food into the Water Park.
  • Appropriate swimsuits must be worn by all guests. View swimwear examples (PDF).
  • Only U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed in the Water Park and they are permitted only in the zero depth entry area, lazy river and shallow end of the activity pool. A guardian must be within ‘arms reach’ of the child wearing the life jacket.
  • Masks/goggles that cover the nose are not allowed in the water; however, goggles that do not cover the nose are permitted.
  • Guests may not bring water toys, sand toys, noodles, water wings and balls into the Water Park during general admission hours.
  • Guests who are not toilet-trained will be asked to be in “Little Swimmers” diapers or plastic pants without disposable or cloth diapers underneath.
  • Associates will not be able to hold guests’ personal belongings.
  • All persons entering the facility, including spectators, will be required to pay the daily fee.
  • The Water Park is a tobacco-free facility.
  • Any person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be prohibited from entering the pool.
  • If the Water Park has reached capacity, admission will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

Unsupervised Youth

Youth must be at least 10 years old to be left at River Springs Water Park unsupervised. 


Parent or Guardian must be within arms reach of an individual wearing a lifejacket at all times. Lifejackets are allowed in the Shallow end, Zero Depth and Lazy River. 

Swimwear Required

Any individual entering the water must be wearing a swimsuit. Neoprene, spandex, and white cotton clothing are allowed to be worn in addition to a swim suit. See options here

Outside Food and Beverage 

River Springs Water Park does not allow any outside or beverage inside the water park, however there is a picnic table located outside the fenced in area.

River Springs Water Park Features Rules

Lazy River

  • All riders must be in a tube. You must have two people on a double tube in order to use it.
  • Guests less than 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Parents may ride with small children on a single or a double tube.
  • Please enter and exit the river at stairways.
  • Guests must stay in their tubes at all times.
  • No standing or kneeling on tubes.
  • Diving or jumping into the lazy river is prohibited.
  • No horseplay is allowed.
  • Head and elbows must remain above tube at all times.

Tube Slide Rules

  • Guests less than 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult (and ride on a double tube).
  • Double riding on double tubes only and single riding on single tubes only.
  • Please do not stand or kneel on tubes.
  • Water depth is 3 feet and 6 inches.
  • Please wait until the attendant signals you before entering the slide.
  • Follow the instructions of the slide attendant.
  • Please clear the area under the slide immediately after entering the water.
  • Life jackets are not permitted on the slides.
  • Goggles and Sunglasses are not permitted on the slides.

Body Slide Rules

  • You must be 48 inches or taller to ride.
  • Slide lying on your back only.
  • Only one person at time.
  • Please wait until the attendant signals you before entering the slide.
  • Follow the instructions of the slide attendant.
  • No running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling, or stopping in the slides.
  • Keep your hands inside the slide.
  • No diving from the slides.
  • Leave the plunge area promptly after entering.
  • Life jackets are not permitted on the slides.
  • Goggles and sunglasses are not permitted on the slides.

Climbing Wall

  • Only 2 people in the Climbing Wall Area at a time
  • The line starts at the stairs on the North Wall-no one is allowed past this area until the people using the Climbing Wall have exited the Climbing Wall Area.

Lily Pad Walk

  • You must be able to reach the lily pads and ropes by yourself to use this feature
  • Only 1 person in the Lily Pad Area at a time
  • No Walking through the Lily Pad Area