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Water Heater Installation

  1. Owatonna, Minnesota homepage
  2. Water Heater Permit Application

    City of Owatonna Building Inspections 

    540 West Hills Circle

    Owatonna, MN  55060

    Phone: 507-444-4370


  3. Note: Valuation shown shall be based on the estimated total replacement cost to the owner (including labor, materials, equipment and installation).


    Separate permits required for wiring, mechanical, building, retaining walls & demolition. Permit expires 180 days from issuance unless work is started by that time.

    For all work done under this permit the permittee accepts full responsibility for compliance with the state plumbing code and all other applicable laws and ordinances. Required inspections shall be requested one working day in advance.

    Telephone 507-444-4370

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