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  1. Application for City Council*

    Thank you for your interest in serving your community as a City Council member. (Note eligibility requirements - a Council member must be an eligible voter, 21 years of age or more or will be when assuming office, a resident of Owatonna who has maintained residence in the city for at least thirty (30) days before appointment, and be able to attend required meetings on a regular and consistent basis.) Checking the 'City Council Member at Large' box below will document your interest and serve as attestation that you have reviewed all eligibility requirements.

    1. If you previously served on the Owatonna City Council or any boards or commissions to the City Council, please list below including years served.
    2. If you previously served on public boards or commissions in any other cities, please list below including location and years served.
    3. What is your educational background?
    4. Do you live within the Owatonna city limits?*
    5. Are you aware of the meeting schedule for City Council members and willing/able to commit to attending the meetings on a regular and consistent basis?*
    6. Acknowledgement*

      By clicking on the “Accept” button, I hereby certify that every statement I have made in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also agree that falsified information or significant omissions on either the application or during my interview may disqualify me from further consideration for appointment to an advisory board. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application or made during my interview as may be necessary.

    7. Please be advised that in accordance with Minnesota Statute 13.601, the following information is considered public data: name, city of residence, education and training, and employment history. The private data you provide is needed to identify you and to assist in determining your qualification for appointment. Only authorized employees and appointing authorities have access to the private information submitted.
    8. The information you provide will be used to identify you as an applicant, enable us to contact you when additional information is required, send you notices, and assess your qualifications for appointment. This data is not legally required, but refusal to supply the information requested may affect the Mayor's ability to accurately evaluate your application.
    9. Should you be appointed to the City Council pursuant to Minn. Stat. 13.601, your residential address will become public information. In addition, either a telephone number or email address where you can be reached will become public. The purpose is to list contact information for City Council members on a public roster.

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