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Leo Rudolph Nature Reserve


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  1. Grass / Wood Chip Trails
  2. Picnic Grounds


During the state legislative session of 1987, the City obtained this tract of land for $1.00 from the State of Minnesota.City staff, with assistance from the Department of Natural Resources and Soil Conservation Service, developed plans for this tract to be restored to a native prairie. During 1989, the Owatonna Knights of Columbus volunteered to appropriate $15,000 for development of this parcel. In addition, nearly $4,500 of habit at improvement funds were obtained from the Department of Natural Resources. On July 10, 2003 the park was renamed after Leo Rudolph at a dedication ceremony. Leo Rudolph served as the director of the department for 24 years and was instrumental in the development of the park. The development of this area includes a two acre pond, and numerous varieties of prairie grasses and wildflowers. The park is open for use.