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Oct 21

Engineering Updates 10/21/2021

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 4:32 PM by Jeanette Clawson

City of Owatonna Engineering

Just a quick update regarding the closing of the intersectin of Havana Road & Truman Avenue.  We thank you for your patience as projects near completion.   
 2021 Truman Avenue: 

Northland Grading & Excavating closed the intersection of Havana Rd. & Truman Ave. Thursday (10/21/2021).  This intersection will remain closed to traffic until Monday (10/25/2021).  Their plan is to complete 42” RCP Storm Sewer main in this intersection first.  

Then on Friday (10/22/2021) they will complete the water main in this intersection.   The water main work on Friday will require a temporary water shutdown.  Notices for this temporary water shutdown have already been sent out for affected residences.  

On Saturday (10/23/2021) they will then wrap up the remaining storm sewer at this intersection by installing the storm sewer manhole structure and the two storm sewer catch basin structures.  The intersection will be backfilled after underground work is complete on Saturday.

On Monday of next week (10/25/21), Northland will complete the sub-cut, subgrade prep., and subbase grading.  Once subbase grading is finished, they will pull the traffic control signs & barricades and restore traffic access at this intersection: for East & West bound traffic along Havana Rd. and only South bound traffic along Truman Ave. from this intersection.  North bound traffic along Havana Rd. from this intersection will still be closed to traffic until the remaining construction is completed.  

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