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Nov 12

Engineering Updates 11/12/2021

Posted on November 12, 2021 at 4:28 PM by Jeanette Clawson

City of Owatonna Engineering

Construction has begun and various projects can be seen around The City of Owatonna. Please slow down and use caution when approaching a construction zone.
 We thank you for your patience as these projects are completed. 

At 12:01 am on November 15th, the Winter Parking Ordinance takes effect. On even-numbered calendar dates, vehicles may be parked on the near side of the street adjacent to lots and houses which have been assigned even numbers. On odd-numbered calendar dates, vehicles may be parked on the near side of the street adjacent to lots and houses which have been assigned odd numbers. Parking restrictions begin at 12:01 a.m. and last until 12:00 noon. If you have questions regarding this City Ordinance, please call 507-444-4350. The entire City of Owatonna Snow & Icy Policy can be found here
2021 Construction Projects:
2021 Project Location Map

 2021 Bridge Street: 

Work this week included striping, installation of temporary lighting (to remain until the new light poles arrive), landscaping and placing erosion control blanket. The contractor is working to install permanent signage today. 

The construction signage is planned to be removed and the roadway opened by the end of the day today! At this time the Park Drive intersection will temporarily remain as a 4-way stop until the new signals poles arrive. The contractor will have a few items to wrap up this winter including installation of the signal poles at the Park Drive intersection and new street light poles once these arrive. In addition, permanent seeding of the grass areas and landscaping maintenance is anticipated to occur in the spring. Please continue to use caution around construction vehicles when present. 

At this time no substantial further updates regarding the project are planned,

To sign up for updates specific to the 2021 Bridge Street Project, please visit Notify Me.

2021 N Cedar Streetscape

The Owatonna Downtown Live Stream can be found on The 2021 North Cedar Ave Streetscape Project page! Be sure to visit the website for detour routes and alternate parking areas.

  • Within the 300 Block: 
    • Temporary lights have been installed for use until the new light poles arrive.
    • Within the alley:
      • Light pole bases were installed.
      • Pavement base is being prepared for pavement.
  • Within the Pearl Street Intersection: 
    • Concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, and pedestrian ramps were poured within the bump outs.
    • The remaining mainline pavement and the eastern parking lanes were poured.
      • The new concrete typically takes between 7 and 14 days before it can be driven on. Please use extra caution while paving is occurring, and do not enter the area until the road is open to traffic.
  • Within the 200 Block:
    • Portions of the curb and gutter have been placed.
    • Planter foundations were completed.
    • Sidewalk on the north half of the block was poured, and base is prepared for additional sidewalk pavement to the south. 

Upcoming Work

  • Within the 300 Block:
    • Final base prep and concrete pavement is to occur within the alley.
    • Limestone blocks will be placed around the planting beds.
    • Pavers will be set within the boulevard.
  • Within the 200 Block:
    • Temporary bituminous pavement is planned to be placed within the Vine Street intersection due to additional utility work to occur in the spring.
    • The contractor is expecting to pave the remaining concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, and parking lanes, then work towards the mainline pavement.
      • Continued work to prepare these areas for pavement will include base prep, trimming, and placing forms.

Coordination with businesses will occur during sidewalk construction. If any questions arise, please feel free to ask for the on-site representative to guide travel to specific buildings while work is being performed and the concrete cures.

To sign up for updates for the North Cedar Streetscape Project, please visit the ISG Project Page, scroll to "Stay Connected" and fill out the form titled "Sign up here for project updates"

2021 Truman Avenue: 

To sign up for various department notifications, use the Notify Me feature on The City of Owatonna Website.

To submit a Public Works Maintenance Request, please call 507-444-4350 or fill out an Online Public Works Maintenance Request Form.