Current Construction Projects

  • CIPPS (Cured in Place Pipe Lining): The City of Owatonna lines clay sanitary sewer lines to improve the carrying capacity and reduce inflow and infiltration (groundwater and stormwater that enters the sanitary sewer system). Approximately 6,543 linear feet are planned for lining in 2023. Insituform Technologies, Inc. of Chesterfield, Missouri was awarded the $233,864 contract for this summer’s work. According to the contractor, the sewer main pre-cleaning & videoing crew began mid-September. The lining is expected to take place in Early- to Mid- October. 
  • 2023 Street Maintenance (Crack Sealing & Seal Coating): The City of Owatonna annually crack seals roadways in advance of sealcoating.  Approximately 4.78 miles of City street was crack sealed and seal coated this year. This project was completed by Pearson Bros, Inc of Hanover, Minnesota.
  • 2023 Overlay Prep Project: Sections of 20th Street NE, Prairie Place NE, Bellflower Lane NE and Prairie Lane NE south to Jerake Place are included in this project which involved replacing and adjusting manhole castings and structures. The street was then overlayed with new asphalt. This process preserves the life of the street. The project was completed by D&M Construction of Owatonna and the Owatonna Street Department. 

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