Boulevard Tree Maintenance

To request Boulevard Tree Maintenance, please call 507-444-4350 or submit an online Maintenance Request. For trees with branches interfering with power lines, contact OPU at 507-444-2480.

Boulevard Tree Trimming 

The city will perform all trimming of boulevard trees, except the city's public utilities may do such trimming necessary to protect their electrical lines. Street Maintenance crews trim trees that interfere with the operation of snowplows, street sweepers, school buses or delivery vans. Storm-damaged boulevard trees are trimmed or removed depending on the damage severity. Broken branches are removed to prevent injuries or damage to property. 

Boulevard Tree Removal

The city will remove trees that are determined to be diseased, dangerous or a public nuisance. Property owners who wish to have a boulevard tree adjacent to their property removed must make a request to the City of Owatonna Public Works Department, these removals must be approved by the City Forester. Stumps of removed trees are ground and the site is restored and seeded. No charge is made to the abutting property owner for these services.

If you are unsure of whether or not you have a boulevard tree, please contact our office for assistance.

Replacement Boulevard Trees:

Boulevard trees that have been removed or lost during severe weather may be replaced by request from the property owner for a fee of $100 for large variety trees or $80 for small variety trees. The city will order, plant, and provide maintenance for the tree placed in the boulevard. We do ask that the property owner water the newly planted trees. 

All trees placed within the boulevard are to be planted by city staff. 

Large Variety Boulevard Trees

Small Variety Boulevard Trees

Boulevard Tree Replacement Form