Free eBooks


In January, 2011, the Selco regional library system went live with a collection of current and popular fiction and nonfiction, including books for children and teens. These are available through OverDrive, which enables you to borrow eBooks with your library card just as you do other materials. (SELCO also provides eAudiobooks through OverDrive.) As mentioned, the Kindle will not work for borrowing eBooks because you are locked into purchasing content through the Amazon store, but Amazon has announced that they will begin working with OverDrive later in 2011.

  • See OverDrive's list of Compatible eBook Devices, or their shorter "cheat sheet" version.
  • This OverDrive guide (PDF) covers two topics: page 1 covers using the OverDrive mobile app, and page 2 provides instructions for transferring to an eReader.
  • The "Being Ruth" blog has a helpful step-by-step guide to transferring books to the Barnes and Noble Nook specifically.


Some eBooks are also available through our statewide subscription to NetLibrary. These are mostly academic titles, and the subscription does not include the ability to download to a portable device.

eBook Apps & Websites

If you download a free application (app) such as Blio or Kindle mentioned above, you can find free eBooks through those apps. Many websites also offer free eBooks. You will not find current bestsellers available for free; most of what you will find are items in the public domain (i.e., older items no longer covered by copyright). Some sites only make titles available to read via your browser, other sites offer downloads. The article "eBooks for Free" in the Huffington Post has great suggestions. Below are links to some of the more well-known and comprehensive sources of free eBooks:

  • Bartleby
  • Feedbooks: free public domain and original books
  • Google Books: read via your web browser, some downloads available
  • Google eBookstore: find free eBooks via their home page or toggle "Free only" under "Price" after you do a search