Imagine Owatonna: Long Range Asset Preservation Plan

Long-Range_Asset_Preservation_Plan_Logo_RGB_SMALLThe City of Owatonna is creating a plan to reinvest in its facilities over the next 10 years and beyond.

The City of Owatonna has taken substantial efforts to provide public services and amenities that serve the community well. The 90-plus City-owned buildings and structures require annual maintenance and long-term investments to preserve their value and serve the community. Assessing current assets and developing a plan to preserve these assets and identify additional needs will help City officials plan ways to address infrastructure needs. The plan will include a financial strategy for investing in facilities and land to preserve the City’s assets in ways that use tax dollars efficiently and deliver the services and amenities community members desire now and into the future.

Goal: Utilize City facilities to deliver high-quality public services for residents over the next decade and beyond

The Long-Range Asset Preservation Plan will guide the preservation of City facilities in a way that aligns with the community’s priorities and maximizes the value of investments for taxpayers. 

City facilities play an integral role in emergency response, public safety, community programs, parks, recreation and more. The City of Owatonna owns more than 90 buildings and structures that require annual maintenance and/or long-term investments to preserve their value in serving community members. The Long Range Asset Preservation Plan will guide the prioritization of facilities improvements as well as identify new facilities the community sees as a priority. It will proactively plan the following steps: 

  • Assess needed improvements on existing buildings 
  • Develop capital improvement plans for a specific set of buildings with deferred maintenance and near-term maintenance and renovation needs 
  • Develop long-term capital improvement projects for new facilities identified as being needed based on community member feedback 
  • Estimate costs to address the needs identified in capital improvement plans